PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules


One of the charges against us for 2009/10 is for rule C.80, shown below. Do you know if this is an actual charge, or is it one of the original hastily formulated charges that were subsequently corrected, albeit this one still remains an active charge?

I think the handbook changed after the start of that season, the first edition refers to C75 about UEFA regulations, it was changed to C80 in the second edition.
I'd also love to know, if the UEFA time barred items relating to us are not time barred for the PL, does that now mean that any finances from any era in the english top flight are now fair game for investigation? If so, I can hear the petrol cans being opened and matches striking at the swamp and the rat pit already. Those mutha fuckas were writing their own rules and balance sheets for years
Thank fook the Charlton game was in the old second division then!
Swales' finest accounting hour ever that one!
Precedent set for previous clubs doing this - 10 point deduction.
The purge continues.

This whole issue is a bit like football's version of McCarthyism. I think it is a form of mass hysteria fuelled by an increasingly desparate and dishonest media. People have taken leave of their senses. If you investigated any organisation going back 15 years you would find examples of dodgy behaviour. That would include all charities and especially all religious organisations. We live in a world where more than 90 per cent of serious criminals, including rapists, escape justice because there are no resources to tackle them but we are supposed to get upset about Jermain Defoe's agent getting a payment without having an agent's licence.

What a pathetic story. I would think all 92 league clubs have done deals with dodgy agents and probably since football started in the Victorian era. If the PL want to go back to 2008 for things like this (or Mancini's payments) they will need to apply the rules to all clubs evenly, get thousands of new staff, and put J Edgar Hoover in charge.
I'd be more worried about them going back to our accounts under Swales than the current fiasco.
What is to stop clubs having another vote on Prem FFP?

I understand why Utd,Liverpool,Arsenal and to extent Chelsea voted in favour but why did any of the lesser clubs??

Crazy the likes of WHU,Everton and Newcastle voted in favour of FFP, chances of sustained success without a rich owner..practically zero

A rich investor would also have been more likely to invest in the smaller Prem clubs with no financial constraints in place.....The owners that voted for FFP devalued their clubs in the process

Use Blackburn as an example, would Jack Walker have even bothered trying if FFP was in place?
They all voted for it because it has NEVER been a league of equals, no matter what is reported. The reason Burnley and the rest of the ‘smaller’ teams, make money in the PL is on the back of all the TV monies. Nothing more and nothing less. If the major players can keep threatening to take away their major income stream, why wouldn’t they conform. It’s what the top 3, then 4, then 5 and now top 6 will continue to do. Why do you think they were so against the Super League? Not for any sporting reasons but for self preservation. Fact is, if the red shirts, Spuds, City, Chelsea and Newcastle sloped off, the PL rights deal suddenly becomes worth the same as the championship and they all know it. It doesn’t mean it’s right but it does explain the motivation to support the original ’Big 3‘ who, after all, blew up the Football League to start the Premier League….
Precedent set for previous clubs doing this - 10 point deduction.
The purge continues.
“Shouldn't be time barred“, they say. Well…….

Wait until they find out about Liverpool and Utd match fixing in 1915. Without that, the rags would likely have been relegated and who knows where they may have ended up. Many players made money form betting on the outcome of the match as well. Not only that ut there is a lot of speculation that the chairman of the ’classy club’ Arsenal, not only knew about it but leveraged it to get promoted to division 1 after finishing 5th in division 2!

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