PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

The reputational & image damage is incalculable, and it astonishes me that the club has been so passive, because the owners place such a high value on such things.

After Aguerooooooooo 93-20, we should’ve been everyone's second favourite club with young fans everywhere.
Don't be fooled by the Raggerpool client media in this country which provides a massively distorted view. They've lost their dominance. We are the most popular team in the US and not far behind in Asia now.
The reputational damage has not stopped us becoming the world's highest revenue earner, nor most successful team. I can only assume that the club PR department believe that fighting is is futile, so invest time and energy in to become a centre of sporting excellence, that deliver outstanding brand value for investors. As a fan, I sometimes long for us to take people on, to really go on the attack with particular journalists, broadcasters, or press, but then I look at our huge social media growth and our revenue, and our ability to attract world-class players, and I accept that we have probably got it right. We also have a huge bag full of whoop-ass to call upon should we decide to go that way in the future.
Noted & fully understood.

However what about the 'lost opportunity impact'...
ie... 'how much better could somethings have been'.

Our owners wouldn't want an all out boots on the ground war. However an SAS /Snipers approach could've taken out some of the ring leaders and put the shits up the others.

When we are found not guilty, but materially damaged, I hope the club takes the most punitive action against those who have wronged us particularly if it publicly ruins them.

IMO....the rags can only improve from their incompetent low base of the last decade, which for me means that we should damage them and others as much as we can whilst we can.

The opportunity may not arise again.

Do things when you can, not when you must !!
Can anyone provide a list of the names of the board of the Investigating Committee of the CFCB at UEFA I am sure Leterme and Parry were on it just wondered who else was?
I stumbled on this list the other day I'll try to find it. There were about 8 of them I think. I'd never heard of the others though.
He has such an excellent insight this matter though and a sharp legal brain.

Well, having given CAS such strong backing prior to their findings - his narrative should have been & should be that City are & were innocent.
However, this proves that his innate hate for us prevents him from offering a sensible & true view of the situation.

Maligns his reputation as a journalist - he is just a click bait guy trying to make a living in any way possible
Has anyone seen this clip of a city caller on TalkSport?:

He absolutely gives it to Jim White and Simon Jordan with both barrels stating absolute facts. If you are on here pal make yourself known, you are a blue hero!

Hope all blues get to listen to this. Jordan is such an irritating smartarse with his constant puerile interruptions.
The reputational & image damage is incalculable, and it astonishes me that the club has been so passive, because the owners place such a high value on such things.

After Aguerooooooooo 93-20, we should’ve been everyone's second favourite club with young fans everywhere.

The coordinated campaign of 'Destroy City',instigated first by the rags and that bitter,vengeful bastard Ferguson and quickly jumped on by the Yank profiteers put paid to that.

The minute by minute drip drip drip of lies,misinformation,exaggeration and racism has poisoned the minds of the innocent and stupid alike, to the extent that the most successful team and sporting enterprise in the world is ridiculed and loathed in equal measure.

The 'lost opportunity cost' to City is incalculable and I, amongst thousands of others, hope that the club exact full retribution and recompense in what ever form they think is appropriate and however long it takes.

Fortunately the world is much bigger than our small broken island and the minds of the global population more open.

Hold their feet to the fire until they are
then throw more logs on !!
You're right in part, however it takes two to tango. If City went on the war path in the media defending their reputation. the pile on fron the others would be even worse. Sometimes it is better not to fan the flames, and ignore it as best you can.

I'm sure the club are keeping their tinder dry for now and will launch an attack when the time is right. The owners are not mugs.

Deep down I reckon Rui Pinto was paid to make up the Football Leaks stuff he shared with Der Spiegel. I also think the club has some evidence of this. The fresh charges against Pinto if proven will land him in gaol this time. He has a reputation for trying to negotiate his way out of situations, and I'm pretty sure he will squeal about this subject at that point. He might also be far more open and honest about it once he is convicted, after all a book deal called "Rui Pinto - The true story of how corrupt football clubs paid me to try to ruin Manchester City" would be a best seller.
Fucking hell so many spellcheckers on here, have you lot not got anything better to do than trawl through everyone's post to see if they have spelt something wrong.

No need to get the hump. Unfortunate that those specific words got jumbled on the crucial point you were trying to make.

So do you think we will get hit with a fine or cleared completely?


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