PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

This may be worth a listen - me v Nick Harris on the excellent Unofficial Partner podcast...

That was an interesting hour. I hadn't heard of UP, but I thought the host let things run very well.

I thought to start with Harris came over quite reasonably and then he started to make some misrepresentations (being polite) and his canards got shot down.

It seemed strange for him to fly kites that have been discussed to death. Some, like The Third Judge, were plain wrong and he knew it but still tried to claim them. None seemed to get past unchallenged.

There was (necessarily) repetition from Stefan that perception doesn't always match practicality (e.g. the number of mentions about how litigation works). There didn't seem to be any counter-argument to being given that reality check.
There's a lot of confusion about Chelsea as many of their fans and the media think they need to make 100 mill worth of sales. They actually need to make 100 million profit on sales which is a totally different kettle of fish. All by June 30th. They also don't seem to factor in the current book values of players. Even if they manage to offload Lukaku for example it will be at a loss to his book value.

It will be The Great Escape Part II if they manage it.
Interesting point re profits needed. Not many who've appreciated. Maybe Cole will be packing his bags again.
Harris inferring a smoking gun lay within the secretive sponsorship "re-up" would appear fanciful, to say the least.
I'd go so far as to say it's completely disingenuous to overlook the fact the "re-up" would show up in the year on year accounts. Therefore making his accusations of wrong doing, outright deceitful.
This may be worth a listen - me v Nick Harris on the excellent Unofficial Partner podcast...

Hi Stefan

I have to say you once again came across so well knowledgeable and insightful as for Harris the tired old cliches such as "Why didnt City appeal the settlement in 2014?" showing his complete lack of knowledge as to what the term settlement means. Also when he stated as fact that "it was unusual City appointed 2 members at CAS" not understanding that both UEFA and City had to put forward a name each from a prescribed list and then crucually both agree a 3rd

The fact you did most of the talking made this a very easy and useful listen congratulations
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