Players supposedly unhappy


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5 Jun 2009
Nobody anywhere is happy all the time, it doesn't mean they all want out. In fact, being unhappy isn't even a negative, in the environment they're in, you want players who aren't content with limited roles, it breeds competition which leads to improvement. I challenge anybody to say they've never moaned about a part of their job, it doesn't mean you actually want to quit.

These twitter chancers are given way too much importance, both on here and in general. As somebody who doesn't use the cesspit that is twitter, they're complete nobodies to me and I don't take any notice of them, their job is to say things that get other people talking, those things don't have to be true and very rarely are.


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21 Aug 2014
Wouldn’t be surprised if people are unhappy, though much of it might have to do with the global circumstances than reduced playing time. Young men cooped up for months under Manchester’s leaden skies with an abundance of money and nowhere to go and few friends and family to share the experience; it may have been harder for some than we appreciate. The end of the pandemic will likely see some reevaluate their lives, and those who spend this summer back in their own country or immersed in their own culture may now seek new pastures and challenges.
Very much this, before covid some of the euro based players could get back home when they had a few days off, not the case over the last 18 months.

The Manchester climate is depressing even for a local, so how any of the Mediterranean based lads cope with it is beyond me.

I could understand Laporte wanting out but his problem is a club that could afford his fee and wages combined.


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26 Nov 2008
Per Ardua
A fair comment but Pep does heavily rotate the team with 6/7 changes nearly every game , he isnt a clown like Klippety who drives the same eleven players into the ground for three seasons and watches them implode with injuries and exhaustion.
The issue is some players like Foden.Laporte,Cancelo,Mahrez and others want more game timeand being rotated for 40-50% of games must be frustrating , makes you wonder if Sterling had been picked for every game if he would have played through his recent poor form , but we have several alternatives to Raheem so we dont need to watch him struggle every week , any players out of form are benched and given time to rebuild confidence but its a catch 22 situation when they arent starting games.
But with Pep I think it is more of a mental strain (it must be hard to keep up his intensity ) so if your playing or not It's still there in training and some will probably take that stress home


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
But if Klopp gets his team to a final, you are guaranteed that he would pick his best 11.
There is no doubting that everyone could pre guess his team and they would be correct.
Partly agree because Pep is guilty of meddling when he simply doesnt need to , but i would take his eight trophies every time instead of Klippety's paltry return after five seasons , our champs final defeat has got under a lot of fans skins , because we were beaten by an inferior team , Pep f*cked up, but i wouldnt be surprised if we a re back next season in the mix for another quadruple and go one further in the Champs league.
Klippety's player rmangement has to be questioned , his team bombed this season because basically one decent player got a serious injury and the rest of his squad were running on empty after three seasons of being flogged to death , just like he did at Dortmund and then he jumped ship. The Dippers get off to a shit start next season Kippety will be gone.


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5 Jul 2010
Are there problems behind the scenes?

Been lots of negativity after the season finished:
- Gundo's comments about Pep's CL plan
- Walker's comments
- Raz' post-match interview
- Bernardo wanting to leave
- Kun's dad claiming Pep cried crocodile tears

Probably more things that I have forgotten. Can understand if the players were angry after the Pep's brainfart in the CL final, but it's getting a lot now, isn't it?

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