Players you wished had stayed longer


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25 Nov 2008
Michael Hughes - let go for a fraction of his true value and spent twice as much on his replacement. Add to that he came through the academy, was technically excellent, exciting to watch, when the rest of the side was functional and dreary, added to the heartache.

Ian Bishop also first time round.


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15 Apr 2013
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Manchester City
Andy Hinchcliffe - was a great left back whose crossing was excellent. I was gutted when he left for Everton - we could do with him now


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2 Jul 2013
Tevez. The first genuinely world class player I ever saw play live in a blue shirt. Fucking ridiculous ability. Won games on his jack on a regular basis.
Over the course of his first two seasons with us he was top scorer in the league, third was a bit of a disaster , but he had a great banner on the bus,


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6 Aug 2010
Agree but Sunderland away when he scored two gave the fans a lot of hope :-)
Yes it did give us hope. As Jim says he wasn’t the same. And it frustrated me watching, I’d be confused, “c’mon Shaunie lad, you know what to do, your home son”. Waiting patiently for him to click into gear. Didn’t happen. Ended up fizzling out and on his last preseason tour under Mancini wasn’t much more than a cameraman going by city tv.

I loved SWP, he was just a kid when he broke through, but seemed to be dragging us through games. He was the first City player the “other sets of supporters” in Ireland sat up to take notice and would deem worthy take to football about. Kinky would get a mention in the 90s and Quinny too but the relegation jibes would start all too quickly to actually talk about football.

The island is still a wash with scouse and rag bastUrds

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