Porto (A) - CL | Post-Match Thread


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8 May 2013
Thought we played very well. We just needed that goal and was unlucky to see it offside for a part of our play that didn’t really matter but rules are rules and it was the correct decision.

Yet another clean sheet with Dias at the back, is he our best centre half? I think so, he hasn’t made a mistake yet whilst Laporte has the odd brain fart.

Foden quality and between him, Sterling, Jesus and Torres, the next 8 years are looking bright.

Keeper had a blinder to keep them in it but we’d all have taken 4 wins and a draw, including 4 clean sheets in a row, at the start of the group stage.

Well done lads and safe journey back to sunny Manchester.
Oi. Don't ever say anything positive regarding Sterling on here. That's strictly not allowed!!!!


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26 Oct 2011
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I thought we looked much more of a threat once Jesus came on. Defensively we were very solid.

What a fuckin horrible team they were. On the floor every time there was a tackle. If they continue to appoint lame referees who let them get away with that shit it’s always going to continue,


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13 May 2011
Bernies second half might be a turning point for him hopefully. Looked so much more like his old self that half.
Overall just really glad we didn’t pick any horrible injuries as they were a really horrible side. Created enough to win it comfortably but their keeper had an absolute blinder. All in all, a positive night.


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12 Jun 2016
Yeap, Zaidu Sanusi, hopefully I've spelled the asshole's name correctly this time...
I honestly wasn’t pulling you up on your spelling, it was a genuine question. A few of their players seemed to have different names on their shirts to the one the commentator called them so I wasnt sure if it was the same dirty twat. We’re on the same page - he was a complete asshole.

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