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Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river!

Saudi Arabia, a nation composed almost entirely of desert, imports sand.

This is because desert sand and beach sand are actually very different, and only beach sand can be used to make concrete.

As they've already used most of their natural supply, they have to get building sand elsewhere.
it's all gone mental!

it's normal that the offies (or should that be offys?) are closed on a friday.,
it's their holy day, fair dickum, stock up on booze on thursday, deal with it and respect the culture.

a couple of hours ago i started getting text messages...

somebody, suddenly today, in a position of power, has decided the booze shops must close down for 4 days.
no forewarning. boom!
because eid is upon us.

it all went mental.
i dived into a taxi to the supermarche to find total chaos in the cave.

the problem is alcohol stops being sold at 8pm on the fucking dot.
i was lucky, i got their with plenty of time, about 15mins to spare, and filled the trolley.

imagine being told the offys are closing for 4 days!!!

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