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Saudi Arabia, a nation composed almost entirely of desert, imports sand.

This is because desert sand and beach sand are actually very different, and only beach sand can be used to make concrete.

As they've already used most of their natural supply, they have to get building sand elsewhere.
And most of the Saudi sand ends up all over my bloody car.
you can no longer buy alcohol as of now.
but you can buy a sheep from outside the supermarket.
to slaughter for eid..
you know, like how outside morrisons they have a garden centre.
same thing

the male head of the family does the deed.

do any take your fancy?

a lot of words that start with al are of arabic origin.
the definite article meaning "the".

alcohol is no exception.

i believe booze was invented by the persians.
some people say it was the georgians.
fuck knows, but i'm glad to have plenty for the long weekend.
I trapped a red squirrel today and instead of eating it I drove 30 mins into the bush on an Atv and released it.
If it comes back and rips more insulation out from under my house it will be going for a boat ride.

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