Premier League Games 10/11/12 Feb '24

Won't come down to goal difference.

I'm extremely confident we'll get a result at Klanfield and we'll do you at The Etihad
I am thinking we will probably need to win every game after Klanfield cos there’s no way the cartel and PIGMOB are letting us leave with anything.
He absolutely is though to opposing fans. Draws the foul, goes down, lets the team regroup. It's a vitally important role as it relieves pressure and/or sets up an attacking platform.

Same as Saka. You'll obviously view a City player in the same light as Arsenal fans will view an Arsenal player.

No he isn't. He had that role at Villa not at our place. All the boos started when he signed for 100 million and the media drummed up the hate. The sheep then started bleating as you always do
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Reckon they'll be up for the game at Anfield knowing whats on the line and last season bs for Klopp. Thats a ground you guys normally struggle at too.

Etihad I would agree but I can see us at most getting a draw.
Liverpool have looked really flakey at the back last couple of weeks. Even against Burnley yesterday, Burnley had a shed load of chances.

We've started to purr nicely and I think we'll have too much for them.

At The Etihad Arteta just can't seem to set his team up right against us and if we score first it'll be very difficult for Arsenal to come back from that

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