Premier league Games 21/22/23 November


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20 Feb 2008
24 shots, 15 on target. We need about 80 shots to get 15 on target but as well as currently being a much better side than us, this game showed yet Again how they are officiated. From changing the Var official to then having a nailed on penalty against them not given and 15 fouls with zero cards. They rarely get bookings and we are carded on average per 4 fouls


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7 Jan 2009
No Van Dijk, Salah, Thiago, Gomez, Henderson or Shaqiri. Was Trent Alexander playing?

They still won 3-0 to a team that beat us 5-2.

Our players no longer fight like hell the way their players do.

I'm not saying our players don't like Pep but something is wrong there.


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15 Jul 2015
It’s not brown arsing. It’s being grown up. I can’t stand the bloke, hate is a very strong word about someone you don’t know, but he’s about as close as I can get. But he’s pissing on pep at the moment and are miles Behind with a better squad
Is he bollocks pissing on him, we just played them recently, how did that go? Also the fact stands, the arguments people are making aren't even valid ones, people are saying Liverpool didn't play a high line is the difference(ie Pep's clueless and Klopp's a genius), when they did play a high line for the most part. Liverpool were much better than City were when we faced them, I fully acknowledge that but the real deluded ones are the people who wont accept that this was not the same Leicester performance that we saw... It was a million miles away from that. They were shite, I can't believe the bollocks I'm reading on here tonight, so over the top it's unreal.

The difference IMO, is that if you play a high line, you have to press with intensity and as an organised unit, or you're asking for trouble. Especially if you pose no goal scoring threat of your own with the ball, to keep them on the back foot. Liverpool had all of that going for them tonight, so the high line was not a problem. City's pressing that day was non existent, only Sterling pressing upfront(Mahrez and Torres offered very little), Rodri was slower than usual, KDB and Foden needed a rest after 20min, they were walking after players in the build up to some of them penalties. The defensive line itself was deeper than normal, while City had the ball but disjointed(Garcia and Mendy the main culprits I seem to remember). Mendy needed a rest, Garcia didn't look like he had any place being on the field and Walker had a stinker too.
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Pingu the Penguin

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29 Sep 2009
Liverpool have the fear factor we had a few years ago. People have a go at us more as they know they can get at us


30 Dec 2007
The back of beyond
Let's be honest here; even if we win our game in hand (and that's not a given), can you see Liverpool dropping 6 more points (taking their likely GD advantage into account) than us over the course of the remainder of the season? We've already had our home game against them, so that opportunity to gain 3 points on them has gone. And we ALWAYS lose at Anfield. In my opinion, the league is beyond us, even at this early stage. Would love to be proved wrong next may, mind.

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