Premier League or Champions League?

Which do you want us to win more this season?

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Winning the Champions League at Wembley would be special, but winning four leagues in a row (and 6 in 7 years) confirms that we are the most dominant team in English footballing history.

We might not win either. Enjoy the Pep era whilst it lasts!
Its really close for me now we have won the CL.

I voted CL again though as I’m interested to see if, having won it once, it gives us the confidence to do it again in style.

It feels like we have moved up a level from Domestic success.

The only proviso is that if winning the PL meant stopping United or Liverpool winning it then I would want the PL as long as neither could also win the CL.

See how difficult it is now! All depends on circumstances for me.
For the first time, I vote the PL over the CL for the obvious reason that City won it, but also because being in a title challenge keeps the season exciting every week.
Just to add the CL trophy is gorgeous I tell you..gorgeous!

The PL trophy looks silly with the King Rollo hat.
I'm really happy for all you City fans, love how City play the game. I am an old Everton fan who loves how the game is played, red fans are the most bitter fans on this planet, ignore the jealous haters.

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