Punk and New Wave thread.


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22 Sep 2005
Watched the first three episodes of Pistol today.

Awful so far.

Firstly, it’s overly didactic, in the sense that cast members insist on telling you about the situationist/anarchist philosophy and motivations behind the band at every possible juncture. The effect of this is rather like a bad PowerPoint presentation where someone just reads out what’s on the slides they have made.

Secondly, the characterisations are cartoonish and superficial in pretty much every case, and the banter that goes on between those characters is neither memorable or funny.

The acting isn’t too bad, and the strikingly beautiful Sydney Chandler is particularly good as Chrissie Hynde. But that’s about it.

My recommendation would be to give this series a miss. It’s nowhere near as good as, say, the movies 24 Hour Party People or Control. Sid and Nancy is also a lot better.
I’m 3 episodes in and thoroughly enjoying it

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