Raoul Moat


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9 Jun 2009
In the King's Head, waiting for the Queen's legs t
How do you see this one ending up? Ideally it would be no more police officers being injured/killed and the guy being put before a judge. Something tells me, however, that its going to end in tears in more way than one. The guy sounds like a complete head-case and the fact he's now 5 days into his madness and is yet to be caught, suggests he has no plans whatsoever to go down easily. Just posted in the Newcastle and Gateshead thread that there's now 40 Met officers, all armed, and 20 armoured jeeps being flown in from N.Ireland. With all that you can only hope he's taken down before he takes more people out himself. Mad bastard.
Been a great forward in his time but he's past it now. Ten years ago I'd have taken him but he would never have left Madrid.
Dear Mr Raoul Moat,

Id just like to tel you that while you were in prison, John Terry also shagged your bird.

Yours Sincerley
Wayne Bridge

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