Rare Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City footage.


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3 Jun 2009
A brilliant find and excellent quality as well. So much to take in the clothing, the transport, the training, the hair styles and much more.

The chap watching in his old fashioned crash helmet was superb. The FA Cup Final was out of sequence as it was from the previous season.

Different times, not a bloody mobile phone in sight and the press camera men had to really work for their money in those days.

Correct as Dave Whelan broke his leg in 59-60 season ,doncha know


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12 May 2011
As was common in those days, there were more shot sof the crowd than of the play.

What struck me was how Bert (in both Spurs & Leeds games) threw the ball out where possible - most keepers booted it upfield then. His throw was that of a handball player (which Bert had been) and I have never seen any other keeper do this kind of throw.
Did I hear somewhere that he was some sort of grenade throwing champion prewar in Germany?


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14 Oct 2016
Just noticed that the Spurs programme right at the beginning states:
'Price Twopence' not 'Price Two Pence'. 'Twopence' was, to us old codgers, 'tuppence' and 3d. was 'threppence' and earlier 'thruppence'. All penny expressions were pronounced as one word: e.g. 'fourpunce, sixpunce' etc.
None of yer "three pee" then.
(Old codgers are excused reading this guff)

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