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27 May 2012
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Its hard to judge a transfer window because you'll only know how good a player is/if a transfer has worked after a few years.

From a recruitment standpoint, I gave us a five. Yes the Grealish signing on paper was excellent, but it just wasn't a priority.

The lack of strategy with a striker, as well
as a lack of strategy with other targets when a striker wasn't attainable was poor. I think the club must have had some idea with the LB issue so how they failed to address that is also problematic.

The final issue, is how the chairman didn't deliver. You can't promise a big window and sign one player.

Just to add I still think we have an amazing squad, but we just didn't on our promises. After losing the CL final and looking at how others have improved its so difficult for us to be there again I think when our biggest issues are still present.
Khuldoon's intention was clearly Grealish and Kane and he probably sanctioned the sort of money that would nearly ALWAYS get both deals done. Promising was perhaps a mistake when you are dealing with Daniel Levy. At worst he was a little naiive.

Pep evidently doesn't feel the LB position is enough of a problem to make short term compromises

It's not a perfect world. For me our Chairman has been a shining light and shouldn't be pilloried for one naiive prediction. I'll take him over any other in the Premier League

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