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No surprise to me if rico starts, had him and either bobb or gomez down to start myself. The squad needs to be fully utilised, if the likes of rico, bobb, gomez are not playing at least semi-regularly we've basically got a a 17 man squad which is completely unworkable. They simply have to play and a group game where we should qualify comfortably regardless is the ideal practically risk free game to play them in.


I'd like to have a look at a side like this. Is ultimately Walker at CB though, out of possession... Maybe rest him and play Akanji.
I read a dumb article that said Man City would e better chance of beating Arsenal at the weif they don't play Rodri today.

The theory being they can better test out the system they want to use against Arsenal.

Who writes these articles? Such a childish thought process. Anyway back to us.

Should we bench Gvardiol?
No. Rested enough recently.
Dick Vein kit debut?
the kids are playing in those, leipzig in white home kits, so i guess the same tonight? maybe leipzig just wanted to boost their third kit sales.
Whoever plays out of Ake and Gvardiol is less likely to play on Sunday.

Ake pocketed Saka last season, so I suspect Ake will get the nod at the weekend, although he didn’t do well against Neto last weekend.

Therefore, I reckon Gvardiol will play tonight. (But it is a guess)
that makes sense. they definitely have to be ready for saka, i keep seeing arsenal injury reports and then they miraculously start the next game, arteta is a coach and a healer apparently :D


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henrichs, leipzig’s rb is also injured. that means klosterman will play rb, or rcb and simakan back to rb. that leaves them with one defender on the bench, and that’s an u-19 kid with zero senior minutes.
Draw tonight :0)

Win the 2 home games :0)

Beat The Young Boys in Bern, who are the weakest in the group!!!

Job Done ✔ :0)

Next year knockout stages with KDB, Stones, Bernardo and Rodri all back :0)

Bring it on :0)
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