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Aye, just had a look and for some stupid reason, this is Leipzig’s kit for tonight:


Playing in their third kit at home which is probably bang in the middle of a clash between both our home kit and the dick veins monstrosity.

Why aren’t they playing in white and red?

Or will we wear our white and maroon? I didn’t think we played in the domestic away shirt in Europe.
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Wow, only 64% for the win.

RBL are a decent team but I still quite fancy us to put them away.
Depends on the reaction to the weekend - play 1/10th as badly and the game will be over by halftime.

No doubt Guardiola destroyed them on Sunday though and Rodri back helps enormously
Bit surprised by that, but presume Pep wants Walker fresh for Sunday (assuming Lewis is playing right-back).

I wouldn't be surprised to see him centre midfield like he was in pre-season. Give captain thunderbird on his toes for Sunday
Pep is definitely throwing a few surprises early season......

CL is the competition with the most wiggle room for experimenting right now.

We can have a few bad results and will still qualify comfortably if Peps not bothered about seeding for the last 16.

League is too tight, Carabao is gone.
Looking forward to tonight's game, group stage is usually a bit dull and we've got an easy group in all honesty. Tonight is our most difficult game and I'm sure Pep will be happy to come away with a point. But it's a chance to find a bit of form and confidence ahead of the Arsenal game so hopefully we can get a win. They had a good draw with Bayern at the weekend, but they're definitely weaker than they were last season.

Would be nice to keep a clean sheet too.
No. They started really badly the recent season and changed managers in September because of that. Had a pretty good start into the season.
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