Real Madrid post match post mortem

On the plus side, Arsenal were shite again apparently - their confidence must be knocked which bodes well.
.... And 'Hey Jude' wtf..
Think it would be weird if didn't play the song that has been played before every game for as long as remember just because the opposition happen to have a players who's first name is Jude. Where does that stop, what if a player happens to have moon as surname
Come on guys it's Real Madrid and we made them look shit for virtual all the game. Brain fart by walker and as expected bad penalties as we're crap at them. Just a bad draw in the first place it really should have been the final
The shit on here is embarrassing .....some of you should be ashamed. just while we're winning like some of you fickle twats
Just seen a blue agreeing with you and then said he said it’s all on Pep tonight ycnmiu
I agree, in principle. But, tonight had nothing to do with Kevs efforts.
We missed Gundogan tonight, and we lost because we didn't replace him.
His efforts arent the issue….. but that loss of a yard/stamina is the difference at this level, as hard as that is to take
Also some Real Madrid fans parroting “football heritage”. I didn’t see this so called “football heritage” today. This so called “football heritage” parked the bus for over 90 mins and were getting piled on. This so called “football heritage” went through on a penalty shootout against Ederson in goal(which is not asking for much).

Congrats to Madrid but what’s sure as hell is tonight the better team lost. I guess we’re used to that by now haha.

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