Romelu Lukaku

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30 May 2010
One thing I like to look at with older players is that how much they played as a youngster. Many examples of players who played every week when young and their career was all but over by the time they hit 30.

Just looked up this for Lukaku and he was playing for anderlecht every week from the age of 16. Finished top scorer in the league in his 1st season.

He has also had a tendency to carry a lot of weight (although he looks pretty trim recently).

From this very in depth medical analysis, I am going to say that he isn't a great option as he will start to deteriorate pretty rapidly within the next couple of seasons.


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1 Aug 2011
Didn't we used to post GIFs of him losing the ball all the time and even call him Lumpkaku ? Now everyone wants to sign him ..

Yep I'm confused lol
Hes definitely much improved since his time away from utd but then so do most others who escape that shit hole.
Kev has nothing but high praise for him which is good enough for me. Certainly not my first choice but I wouldn't be gutted if he signed.


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26 Apr 2020
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Manchesters finest
I always thought high cholesterol would get me, not someone bumping this thread.

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