Russian invasion of Ukraine

France are really starting to change their tune now, especially Macron.

France will provide the Armed Forces with 250,000 shock fragmentation drones by the end of 2024, announced French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

"These drones will be equipped with fragmentation explosive devices and artificial intelligence. They will operate autonomously, identifying and targeting Russian infantry before executing aerial detonations," Lecornu stated.
One thing that gets repeatedly overlooked within this current treacherous impasse in the US legislature is that the only time Article 5 of NATO was ever invoked was after 9/11. This led to the deaths of many BrIrish (and other troops) in Afghanistan essentially helping defend America after it had come under attack - like Western Europe itself now faces.

The sooner we wake up as a nation, and a continent, to the fact that America is disappearing down a rabbit hole from where it may never return, and to adjust accordingly, the better - because we simply cannot rely upon them like we once could.

When Putin invaded two years ago part of his calculation was that the west would not have the stomach or the resolve for the fight. I expect he assumed that lack of fortitude would come from Western Europe, not the United States, but here were are and we need to accept it. And quickly.

Just need the Americans to follow suit and that should provide enough weaponry to finish off Putin. Those MAGA loons in congress have blood on their hands for delaying it.
Blood on their hands Zelenskii needs to know if he’s getting any aid? it’s so frustrating for him not knowing if aid will be delivered.

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