Sainsbury's - Employee sacked for not paying for bags


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29 Jun 2009
Greater Manchester
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So the worker spends £30 and doesn't pay for a few bags, then gets sacked after an employment tribunal.

You could argue that if he's 'stolen' some bags, maybe he's stolen other things blah blah blah, but sounds like a complete overreaction to me. I will take extra satisfaction the next time I 'forget' to scan something at their checkouts.
At an employment tribunal Mr Doffou claimed that he was unfairly dismissed, but his appeal was unsuccessful.

He won but he lost, how did that happen?
A mate of mine who worked at sainsburys local during Uni used to damage the boxes of Stella so the cans would need to be sold loose and mark them down to about 10p a can. And when I bought cigs he would pretend to scan them and make the beeping noise with his mouth. Ended up being sacked for coming to work still off his head on pills from the night before, great days

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