Sainsbury's - Employee sacked for not paying for bags

A mate of mine who worked at sainsburys local during Uni used to damage the boxes of Stella so the cans would need to be sold loose and mark them down to about 10p a can. And when I bought cigs he would pretend to scan them and make the beeping noise with his mouth. Ended up being sacked for coming to work still off his head on pills from the night before, great days

just been in Sainsburys and damaged 12 can pack of beer was marked down only about £2 from £15 to £13 lol

So the worker spends £30 and doesn't pay for a few bags, then gets sacked after an employment tribunal.

You could argue that if he's 'stolen' some bags, maybe he's stolen other things blah blah blah, but sounds like a complete overreaction to me. I will take extra satisfaction the next time I 'forget' to scan something at their checkouts.
The cunts he works for are the biggest thieves of all.
the self-service areas are on camera but are not monitored by anyone in real time.
nobody is watching what you are doing once you enter the do-it-yourself tills.
(the assistant is expected to do that, even though they are wildly busy).

sainsbury's have bags on a hook as you enter the area.
they expect you to declare 0bags 1bag 2bags etc when you finish up.
grab the bags as you enter,
scrunch them up on the way to the till so they look already used.
press 0bags at the end.
anarchy in the u.k.

just been in Sainsburys and damaged 12 can pack of beer was marked down only about £2 from £15 to £13 lol

It's probably an employee exclusive perk he was taking advantage of. Not sure if supermarkets would get away with selling alcohol at that price to the general public.

My sister used to work at Morrisons and the minimum they could discount things to was 9p , someone got the sack for taking the piss and marking lots of items down to 1p.
Seems trivial for a sacking - can only assume they wanted him out and this was a pretext. If he was any good they wouldn’t have fired him.

Exactly this. When I worked on cross channel ferries, on leaving the ship, occasionally there were security bag searches. Now as core crew I lived onboard so only left once a week. We had other non live onboard crew that were on and off everyday. We had crew sacked for a few bin liners, an apple, a sandwich etcetera. All trivial stuff but they were normally crew that the company wanted rid off, or they knew were up to a bit of fiddling. They allowed them to get away with it for so.long to give them a false sense of security then bang they busted them. Also it frightened others who were thinking of doing similar or had just started dipping their toes in the water. It sounds harsh but that's how companies work. The thing is I doubt there is one person who hasn't done it at least once in their lives.Taking a couple of pens or envelope home from an office is technically stealing but many do so.
If the worker claims they just forgot to add the bags after coming straight off a shift, unlikely but possible, and sainsburys sacked them, what are they willing to do to me if I also forgot? Confiscate my shopping? Water boarding? Charge me full price for a pack of Spanish olives?

There's more to this I feel. No doubt our media have grabbed the sensationalist headlines, but wouldn't surprise me if the worker was found to be living in a house full of bags of potatoes and toilet rolls, eating squirty cream direct from the can and only drinking coffee that cost at least £7 a jar even before the cost of living crisis.

Last time I went in sainsburys they had an army of pickers fulfilling click and collect orders effectively playing dodgems with customers to get their orders done in record time, you'd have to fancy a go on gladiators to get a full shop done.

Still, not as bad as the security's guards used to be at the asda in wythenshawe. Anyone who walked out with over a tenners worth of meat was instantly a potential criminal regardless of age, sex, mobility or receipt, and fair game to be stopped and searched head to toe. I think they probably have put a stop to that nowadays.

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