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16 Feb 2012
is anybody able to confirm if this has actually sold out or not? City's website gets better by the day doesnt it!


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8 Dec 2013
Mouchengladbach didn’t sell out last time if I remember correctly, seemed there was plenty of space towards the back near the Perspex dividing home and away fans ?

It did sell out. I remember it well as had lined up accomodation.


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15 Jul 2008
In the cricket club at Burnley away
To be perfectly honest, this sold out at slightly lower points than I expected. It's a bummer for our lot as we're still 2 tickets short and were hoping it would drop to 14000 points but it's not surprising because it's clearly a popular fixture for many fans, and when you factor in that it's a knockout game as opposed to a group stage match demand was always going to be high. I've no doubt that the usual mish-mash of points whores/corporates, etc, have eaten into the allocation but I'd also argue that it's not as bad as some other fixtures for that, and that a lot of those on high-ish points who aren't serial points whores but who pick and choose their away games have plumped for this fixture. By always having platinum, always signing up to all the cup schemes, and consistently buying tickets for 50%-60% of aways every season since the loyalty points system was introduced I've still accumulated nearly 19500 points so I comfortably qualified for this one in the end - in fact, more comfortably than Sevilla in 2015.

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