Sick women throws puppys in river


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24 Jul 2009
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nashark said:
Oli_MCFC said:
Children are being trafficked all over Europe, everyone knows it happens, but is there the same national outcry as the puppies or cat in the bin video? No.

It's funny you should say that now because I'm sat in my chair fuming at the thought of child trafficking. After 10 minutes of that, I will ponder the woes of the Mugabe government, and then move on to the injustices of the slave trade. Maybe then I will be entitled to have an opinion on a forum thread pertaining to puppy chucking.

see Madeleine McCann, that went on for nearly 2 years.

National outcry's are stoked up by the media, it's their agenda.

Being appalled at something that you've just read or seen does not mean you automatically mean you don't give a shit about something else, that's a ridiculous suggestion.


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30 Oct 2008
There's some stupid suggestions going on in here. By what some people are saying I should turn up to a few funerals this weekend and tell them they're wrong for mourning over one person when hundreds are dying in Pakistan and africa.

The puppy thing was put in front of you and of course people are going to finding it upsetting and distressing to see helpless baby animals thrown into a river like stones. It's like your having a go at people for showing emotions, that's what separates the majority of people from animals (because lets face it they aint human) like these people who cause pain.


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9 Jun 2009
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Looks like the negative side of Facebook has struck again. Some poor kid has been targeted and a hate campaign started against her, and she's not even the one who has done it!
Something similar happened to me, similar in regards to mistaken identity that is. A few years ago our local paper put a photo in of some bloke who had been accepting money off kids and then going into the locl booze shop to buy their booze for them. Now the guy in the picture was very similar to me! Luckily for me at 6ft 5 and loads of stone, it was obvious it wasn't me in the photo, but my mates ribbed me for fucking ages about it! This was before facebook etc, so it was just light hearted teasing off the lads int he local. Imagine being mistakenly ID'd for someone these days though, with FB etc? Fuck that.

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