Silly things friends have said about City to you


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3 Aug 2013
Strange .just realised with this thread,i don’t know anyone who I consider a friend who is not a city fan :)


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21 Mar 2011
" How's the Mrs, has he been born yet ? " from a fellow fan who sat near us as I took my my regular ST seat in the Colin Bell Stand . Don't worry I said she' ok it's a good hospital and I've just left her she's comfortable and still a long way to go she's not fully dilated yet !!. It was the infamous last game of the season game between us and Middlesbrough when it was us or them for the last uefa cup place. This was the Robbie Fowler late penalty miss, David James thrown up front as a centre forward etc and the devastation of it being them that grabbed that place. Went straight back to the maternity ward and my boy was born at 22-44, A friend the next day echoed the same question as the midwife did when I had him in my arms minutes after his birth " You're not going to call him Robbie then ? "

Blue Theatre

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14 Feb 2011
That City would never have even made it into the Premier League if the Arabs hadn't spent a billion to get us there.

And that when we play Utd or Liverpool at home, we give three-quarters of the ground over to away supporters so we can fill it for once.

And 3 or 4 years ago, someone seriously told me that City's average home attendance was 16,000.


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29 Sep 2016
There actually are people who follow football and who wouldn’t have a clue of what City’s average attendance is, and believe it’s something like 20 thousand as they pay too much attention to social media memes and the likes.

when Arsenal were challenging for the title every year while playing at highbury they got 38k at home games, did anyone say they have no fans? City get 13k more than that at every home game


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24 Jul 2020
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Man city
Couple of friends who supported united in school, told me city would not win the league again that we are a flash in the pan United will be back on top with Moyes and that they were going to win the treble with Moyes.


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19 Oct 2010
Patronising, condescending twat
People on Bluemoon who’ve said Yaya had one good season
People on Bluemoon who’ve said Yaya isn’t a club legend
People on Bluemoon who’ve said Yaya is a ****
People on Bluemoon who play down Yaya’s achievements for City because they’re more bothered about him moaning about a cake and moaning that Pep didn’t like having African players in the squad than they are the incredible moments he brought to us that are pretty much above every moment apart from half a dozen other goals in the club’s history

Only happens on Bluemoon for some bizarre reason though. Never met any City fan in real life who has this stupid pissarse attitude about Yaya.
He is a bit of a **** tbf.

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