Sorry My Bad English - Silva, the full Rag wind up.

kippaxwarrior said:
Classic thread stuff, has to be
I agree, and not just because i did it, well ok partially because i did it, but more so because signing Silva when the vast majority of those rag wankers wanted him looks like being the tipping point. The realisation that we're here to stay and the even greater realisation that they're fucked is great, and the wind up is a great reminder of that.
Love how you went back and added this,
Hey mates it just announce on Radio Nou that United have made official offer for Juan Mata because of missing Silva. I can keep you update.
Well, Silva's officially going to City guys. Our target for almost 2 years and we miss out...AGAIN! Sooooo frustrated at the complete lack of movement in the transfer window by our club. Whoever allowed the Glazers to buy Utd with huge debts wants to be shot. I have a bad feeling we've had our era and we're currently on a slippy slope without any money or any world class players wanting to come. Dont worry though, we bought Chris Smalling - thats the treble in the bag for next season!

I've only just read this and the daft twats are still posting on it.
I liked the one who said forget Silva hes shit and that they must concentrate on Ozil - hows that goin by the way:)
lmfao thats pure comedy,how they went to bigging him up and licking their lips at him going to the theatre of debt to the realisation that we`ve signed him and suddenly bellarz is by far a better player ha ha ha typical hypocrite speel,fuckin inbreds
ono said:
Ten pages. For those that were interested but didn't see.

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Wot page do your comments start on, can't seem to find them

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