Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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8 Dec 2019
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Dinho or kev arent warriors ? Heard it all now
Fernandinho is the best warrior after Kompany - I have ever seen playing for this club.

But Kev, especially from the beginning of this season - seems to be moaning about everything, like vacation time and etc and that's not kind of attitude the leader should be having.. Because when you are Cancelo or young player like Torres or Foden for example and listen to Debruyne moaning about lack of free time and him looking for the reasons to justify every fail - then you don't have motivation to fight till the end..

Captain should fight till the end, be motivator, be leader that plays at 1000% and not walking on the pitch and with an expression on the face that it's not end of the world to loose the game and life is more important than football or something like that..

Look how Guardiola was / is disappointed every time he sees such kind of attitude. We know how workaholic he is and dedicates his life to football and club. And when some players don't have such kind of attitude and willingness - than it's difficult to win titles and be the best..

Jose did his job.. I don't know if you watched Amazon documentaries but as soon as he arrived there he said -> Guys, you should stop being nice and learn to fight..

City is better, more classier and better to watch in terms of esthetics but Spurs had better fighters today on the pitch and therefore they took 3 points.. This Spurs team reminded me Mancini`s one from 11/12..


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8 Jul 2007
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I don't know where to begin. As soon as Spurs scored you knew it was game over and there is no worse indictment of a team than that. It implies we are gutless and leaderless and I'm sorry to say we are.

We are so easy to play against I would back ANY team in the league to get a result against us at the moment. It's hard to know where to start. Nobody stood out or came out of that game with any credit.

Ederson still let's soft goals in.

Walker still switches off at vital moments.

Cancelo is a square peg on a round hole.

Laporte like Walker switches off.

Dias has just got here so it's wait and see.

Rodri, just not good enough. Too slow, immobile and not tactically aware.

Kev, not firing on all cylinders and looks fucked at times.

Mahrez. Not good enough, has never fitted in here aside from one or two decent performances, too inconsistent.

Bernardo. See Mahrez. One good season out of four says it all. Totally ineffective.

Torres. Just got here, promising signs but young.

Jesus. A more skilful Dickov. Runs about a lot and has a decent goals per game ratio but just short of the level needed o be world class.

Aguero, great when fit but getting no younger, the same for Fern. Foden, plenty of potential but rarely plays. Sterling, hot and cold. All our forwards are too much the same aside from Aguero. Small, lightweight, too easily managed by most defences.

Pep. Keeps on repeating the same tactics when it's obvious they are not working. Points out our possession, chances and how little the opposition created, even when they score with almost every chance.Says we played good, smiles, thanks everybody and walk off.

I am as worried as I've been about our chances of making the top four or challenging for honours since Mark Hughes was here. We have gone backwards and I don't see any cavalry on the horizon.


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7 Jan 2009
I don’t want Mahrez in the team either but your logic is a bit weird. Mahrez also played outstanding for Algeria, so if you are picking your team based off of the international break, why ignore Mahrez’s performances, yet draw attention to Phil’s?

But other than that, I agree, Foden should be starting.

True but Mahrez only ever plays well against shit opposition that gives him plenty of space to run.

Foden is a superior player to him.


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15 Apr 2013
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I think Pep needs to fundamentally re-think his tactical aprroach to the game. When the players are 100% on form it can be great but at 70/80% then teams can defend comfortably against us and wait for the inevitable chances on the break.

We are constantly trying to score when the opposition have all their team in the last third of the pitch - we should work on drawing teams out.

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9 Sep 2008
Elgin, North East Scotland
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Another fucking shambolic performance, we have certainly been found out by all and sundry. Players getting games when they shouldn't be and it's all down to Pep. This contract extension might have been a bad move after all even though I was pleased midweek. The players certainly haven't responded to the news today
I don't think we've been found out, we are good enough to do what we did in previous seasons but now it's all slowed down and players not on their game. Teams can't defend against us when we are on it, we will to click again, we are making teams look like they have us sussed...they haven't, we will come good again, so many factors outside of the norm just now, keep the faith.


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22 Mar 2012
United States
Draw them out. They are at home. If they don’t want to push up let’s take the point and nil nil and thank you very much.
We are so predictable.
Draw them out, how? Let's take nil-nil, c'mon fella?! I'd rather be on the front foot and take the chance of losing than playing for nil-nil. If they want to adopt that inferior mentality and play like Stoke, let them, but we won't do that. Yeah we'll lose some, that's fine, but we'll win alot too.

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9 May 2010
60 Million Mahrez was in the pocket of 25 Million Reguilon.

The most frustrating players are whoever filling the wings.

You could know that even if the ref gave us additional 90 minutes, Pep couldn't help his team to find a way to create dangerous opportunities against Mourinho's team.


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21 Jul 2007
It looked handball to me. I’d have been disappointed had that stood against us.

We have got some huge problems.

Zero leadership. The way our heads went at 2-0 was shocking. No fight at all.

5 goals in 6 games in the league. That’s awful for a team of our quality. We look dominant but the keepers hardly have a decent save to make all night.

whatever we are doing in training isn’t working anymore so we either change how we play or we end up outside the top 4.

We have no chance of winning the league with this side. They lack bollocks.
one of the problems this season is we aren't having any time to do much training..

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