Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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19 Sep 2009
Quein for a balti!
Panel have just hit the nail on the head regarding Rodri

He is a passenger and not what is needed for a position that is paramount for how we play both attacking and defending

Fernandinho's replacement he is not
He just ran the show against Germany midweek where they spanked them for 6.
Perhaps it's not the player but his roleb

Scottish Cityzen

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1 Dec 2017
I don't understand when people continue to say this. What do you want Pep to do, if a team sits back and puts 10 in their half, what is the alternative method of playing that you suggest to get passed that? Spurs were always going to play that way against us, and it really comes down to who scores first. Today they did, next time it'll be us and the result will be different.
Away from home we could maybe play a more balanced setup where Kyle is not playing right wing and Cancelo is not giving away possession cheaply in centre mid.

A nil nil and we only have 12 shots on target instead of 22.

Both goals were kamikaze stuff.


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18 Jan 2009
Just gonna say the obvious.

Foden plays outstanding for England and Pep drops him for Mahrez.

Absolute shit decision by Pep.
I don’t want Mahrez in the team either but your logic is a bit weird. Mahrez also played outstanding for Algeria, so if you are picking your team based off of the international break, why ignore Mahrez’s performances, yet draw attention to Phil’s?

But other than that, I agree, Foden should be starting.

Sear the Slide

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28 Nov 2019
Team supported
Massive mistake giving Pep an extention. Should a have said thanks and goodbye. Then get a manager that has a plan B when plan A doesn't work


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12 Jul 2008
Spot on. And people can (quite rightly say) its too early for that kind of talk but they clearly don't understand the psychological disadvantage we now face and if that becomes embedded too deeply it will have consequences for the Christmas/Jan period which we all know is the hardest. I'll concede to the lack of pre-season, the injuries, the threat we all face in the real world but its the lack of grit on the pitch that I just can't stomach. Ive seen enough losses in my many years but the ones where we went down with a fight have always been the ones that made me truly appreciate being a City fan. Tonight has been a world away from that feeling. Tomorrow I'll be right but to say that performance wasn't a concern would be negligence as a long suffering Blue.
We played the 2nd half like we were 2-0 up. I kept asking “do they know they’re losing?”

If the other team decide to lark the bus, fine, but it’s then suicidal to pass it round with no tempo and no conviction and hoping that another player will make something happen.

it’s time for the players with real bollocks to step forward.

stan bowles

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28 Jul 2012
Has anyone told Maureen, Sir Rashford is playing tonight and as quickly got fit after dodging international duties?
He'll be too busy enjoying his (well deserved win) tonight to care. City, and the defence especially, fell right into the Mourinho trap...give a goal away and the trap closes shut.

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