Spurs (A) - Post-Match Thread


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12 May 2011
wont be great to watch thou with both teams stay in their own halves ! but i agree we should of sat back and said to spurs your the home team come and play.
Beggars belief how a super rich club like Spurs with financial firepower like few clubs on the planet, are strangling games and nicking them on the break. We would never hire a coach to set us up like that.


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4 Oct 2012
If 11 top premier league players decide to sit behind the ball you need a Silva KDB Sane Sterling and Aguero all firing to break them down
Peps way only works with BRILLIANT players
Let’s hope we can find some


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18 Jan 2009
cant wait to see end to end games and not to bothered who wins just want to see agood game of football
Yeah that’s how I feel too. It’s meant to be enjoyable but it just isn’t. I see so many that are so desperate to go back into stadiums but I am not at all desperate to pay to watch games like this. I guess I’m in the minority there but it’s too dull for me to want to pay for it. If we have to be utter shite for 2 or 3 years before teams dare to open up again then so be it. It seems that’s the path we’re on any way.


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21 Jan 2010
If that Jesus goal was allowed, I fully believe neither team looked like scoring a winner from that point onwards today. People are acting like Spurs cut us open at will, and Kane was world class. He was only allowed to be the nuisance he was because the ref gave him all the free kicks he asked(dived) for. If Spurs were turning over possession leading to City counters, every time he did that, people would say he had a shocker. That's how fine the line is with the overreactions in football these days.
I agree. Only City could have a ref pointing at an area that isn't handball. Kane is worse than Van Nistelroy was.


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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
For the money we are allegedly going to spunk on a package for Messi in January.

We should be going for a long term solutions up front,like Haalland.and Martinez.

We should let him come for free in the summer.

Instead of giving Barcelona a huge bail out package for a player well past his sell by date.


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4 Nov 2010
but you just know we wont go for them - again its all too predictabe....

Aguero will go and we will be told that Jesus can lead the line and is good enough.....not on his own he isnt where as Aguero was good enough to do so.

Mahrez needs binning asap along with Mendy

Rodri....i said before we bought him - to immobile for the prem - Pep has looked to sort that out by playing a double pivot but when its Gundo and Rodri its even worse as it nullifies our attack

KDB looks really out of sorts.

We have to replace Sergio this coming summer but our previous investment doesnt fill me with confidence (Mahrez rodri, Mendy being 3 huge wastes of money on top of Bravo, cancello, and various others).

Rodri was not our problem.. he played well particularly in the first half. Our problem is not individual. It’s collective. We need to change the way we play.


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14 Jan 2018
Well obviously I'm not talking about tonight but his whole tenure at the club. Wouldn't mind at all if we sell him and get a more productive backup
Have to agree with you on that mate . He is a really good player at what he does but it’s not what we need . That first goal today wouldn’t have made it a though our midfield 3 years ago . Would love a no nonsense def midfielder who just sits around the centre circle and breaks the game up like David batty used to do at Leeds. Never get the credit but get the job done .

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