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27 May 2004
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Sell half of the squad. they don't just care anymore. Mahrez, Jesus, Rodri, zinchenko, Gündo, Mendy , Bernardo. Did I miss anyone?

Shite. Too much holistic penny pinching has fucked us over now our best players have all aged and/or left.

We desperately lack pace and a cutting edge. If we don't sign Sancho and Haaland in summer we'll be seeing games like this for a while.
but you just know we wont go for them - again its all too predictabe....

Aguero will go and we will be told that Jesus can lead the line and is good enough.....not on his own he isnt where as Aguero was good enough to do so.

Mahrez needs binning asap along with Mendy

Rodri....i said before we bought him - to immobile for the prem - Pep has looked to sort that out by playing a double pivot but when its Gundo and Rodri its even worse as it nullifies our attack

KDB looks really out of sorts.

We have to replace Sergio this coming summer but our previous investment doesnt fill me with confidence (Mahrez rodri, Mendy being 3 huge wastes of money on top of Bravo, cancello, and various others).


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1 Feb 2008
Another game too add to the stat of losing at half time and failing too turn it around. We never make changes, doesn’t change the system or anything. Just swapping two players and playing the same way is just insanity when it’s clearly not working... oh and waiting 20 minutes too do that is even worse
If plan A doesn't work we've always got plan A to fall back on..... we cannot change our style and a lot of teams have studied and just defend and hit us on the break.... Does Pep think that they should all let us walk straight through them ?? Well at least we've got Messi to look forward to !!


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15 Jul 2015
If that Jesus goal was allowed, I fully believe neither team looked like scoring a winner from that point onwards today. People are acting like Spurs cut us open at will, and Kane was world class. He was only allowed to be the nuisance he was because the ref gave him all the free kicks he asked(dived) for. If Spurs were turning over possession leading to City counters, every time he did that, people would say he had a shocker. That's how fine the line is with the overreactions in football these days.


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4 Nov 2010
Partly yes but he has always said it the top players that makes him a great managers.

Not really sure what you are saying in that case? This group of players pretty much all showed their levels on the international stage this week. They showed they are absolute top tier and truly elite, much as they read on paper. Collectively in a City shirt they are a waste of space.

The management and approach, team set up and ability to change games when it counts has been terrible for a long while now.

We play parked buses every week as parking the bus is successful against how we play. So we will be playing the low block and counter for the next 3 years. Fun times.


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1 Aug 2009
"I Swear you'll never see anything like this ever
If anything I blame mendy for Bernardo because if mendy wasn’t here then Bernardo would not have sent that stupid twitter picture and he wouldn’t have been fined because since that incident he has never recovered so it’s mendys fault . Only joking but that text has fucked him

It's certainly had a negative effect on him mate. He's gone from 1 of the best midfielders in the world to totally average in 12 months :(


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15 Jul 2009
How many years of parked buses do we have to endure before teams play more openly against us again? How bad does our decline have to be before we reach the point where teams just say “they’re shit, let’s take them on”? Because I can’t wait for it. Football is shit but it’s even shitter when every single fucking game is boring.
Probably won’t happen because it doesn’t need to. Teams know how to play against us and Pep doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing against it, so why change?

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19 Aug 2006
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I think our movement off the ball is poor compared to the last 2 seasons, doesn't seem to be players in space, we're not passing the ball in front of players to run on to. Whether burn-out has played a part in this I'm not sure. all teams have had the same amount of rest really. I think Kane was auditioning for a move to us in January and Jose wanted this victory at the expense of future points. They'll be knackered next week and get whalloped by Chelsea. Alderweireld wil be a big loss. It's going to be a funny season as all teams will have more injuries than usual. No fans plays it's part too as teams can sit back and counter more without fans getting impatient, especially at home.

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