Stupid little things that bug you

A five and a half hour car journey yesterday took me 8 and a half.
Why? Roadworks and accidents but here is the niggle.
Endless tailbacks being caused by rubber necking by curious cunts who cannot simply drive past.
And don’t get me started on lane hoppers who also don’t indicate or those who drive for a mile up the empty junction lane and then try and push in back on the motorway at the last second. Cnuts the lot of them.
There was a time when, following an accident on a motorway, cops would remove barriers and create two-way traffic on the opposite carriageway. That practise seems to have stopped.
When going out, the missus says 'right I'm ready'. 20 minutes later she's ready !
I have one like daughter's round and we're going down to Pembroke for a few days. I get up, feed the dogs, walk the dogs, load the car, get the food sorted out and my daughter starts laughing.....' what's up ' I said....' She's vacuuming at 7.30 in the morning.....'
' Oh Yes.....Wait till she starts on the bins ' I said. We left at about 9.00.
Honeywell thermostat for my underfloor heating can just FUCK OFF. Far too complicated. I just want fucking on, fucking off and what fucking temperature I want it at. But oh now. I bet a fucking spaceship is easier to work! Cunts.
Given that the thread is over 920 pages long, it's odds on that this has already been mentioned. But I'm not going to trawl through the whole thread to check. Anyway; people, when reading out a phone number saying "oh" seven eight etc etc. Oh is a letter, zero is a number.

Note the thread title; Stupid little things that bug you.

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