Super League - Positives only!


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28 Jun 2009
I’m not trying to start a thread for the sake of it, it’s clear as day how we feel.

We all know the downside, so let’s keep them to the other threads.

But to play devils advocate, what are the actual positives here?
One I can think of is the broadcasters need a kick up the arse.

It’s 2021 and we still cannot watch 4K premier league football or champs league thanks to sky and bt. We’re being charged a fortune for a last gen experience.

Will this prompt referee reform?

interested to hear some reasoned thoughts. If that’s too much of an ask, please leave this post to those willing to have a reasoned discussion about this.
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27 Jan 2014
As I said in another thread, my reading of this is its a mid week league that will supplant the CL. There seems to be no reason why we shouldn't remain members of the PL. Given our 'love' for the existing CL and UEFA why are we so against it?
I suspect the Club have been put in a lose,lose situation. Roundly criticised by joining, suffering some pretty serious consequences if we didn't join by continuing to play what would be deemed a lesser competition.
I think this has a way to play out yet and probably doesnt warrant some of the insults that are getting thrown around.

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