Tariq Lamptey


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27 May 2016
Was really impressed by him, the first time I saw him play to be honest. Seems a good fit for a team that plays 3 atb, a bit like Angelino maybe?


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29 Mar 2017
If anyone has watched Frimpong you couldn’t have much similar players.

Man City had an amazing young RB who they wouldn’t give a chance. Frimpong is absolutely brilliant, great attacking wise with frightening pace great for attacking and cover defensively
Saw a video of him (can’t remember where) during the lockdown. Spoke about the time just when he had to think about the next step. He realised that he wouldn’t really have a chance with Cancelo and Walker in front of him. Around that time, Celtic came knocking, and the rest is history.

As you pointed out, has pace to burn. Threat going forward. Will keep one eye on his development as a player whenever I can. Also has a really jovial personality. You should see his post-match interviews. Absolutely doesn’t do media training from the looks of it.


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24 Jul 2017
Team supported
Manchester City
Another one Chelsea will look at a few years from now with big regret, looks set to be a great player. Nice for him to be a regular and I think Graham Potter is good for him at this moment.

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