The End of on Street Parking within walking distance of the Etihad

When my car got nicked I heard nothing for three days, then the police came knocking on the door asking where I had been that day as my car had been totalled in Bolton and they assumed I was the driver. The theft hadn’t even been put on the system!

Hope you have the cunts a proper earful mate. I’d have been raging.
Yes I saw those. They got some there on Saturday so I’m guessing people just aren’t aware that street is in the scheme. The signage looks really poor (non-existent almost).
There aren't any signs on the road I actually parked on, just a sign around the corner as you enter the road saying it's a residential parking zone past that point. Not clear at all though. Funny how my car was observed from 8pm, just happens to be the same time as kick off Almost like they planned to do you in...
After my car got broke in after the Copenhagen game the police rang me yesterday and wanted me to close the case as they had no evidence despite me giving them an address where the earbuds were showing at and despite my having a large rock in my possession which was on my front seat with possible finger prints on and despite one of the houses opposite having a ring door bell with possible footage . But the police arnt allowed to go to the house with the address I gave them. They haven't bothered sending forensics to get prints of the rock as they say it would shouldn't show any. They said they won't knock on the house of the possible doorbell footage as the people 'probably' wont share the footage.
But they won't me to sign off the case so they can add to the figures.
What little faith I had in the police has quickly gone over the last week.
You should’ve gone to the house yourself and called 999 claiming to have been “misgendered”

They’d have scrambled an armed response unit in a helicopter
Mini buses parking on cycle lanes and blocking the cycle lanes opposite the CFA yesterday. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.
Watch where you park today, came across these 2 hunting in pairs earlier, Screenshot_20240504-153321.pngslapping tickets on yet more unsuspecting blues parked on a couple of uninhabited streets in Clayton!


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I had to warn one guy yesterday to move his car, he just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t park in a street with no double yellow lines, no parking bays, no houses and no signage about the restrictions within 50 yards. He did move it though but shows how people are getting caught out innocently. The signage is at the entrance to the street and is difficult to spot, there’s even an “end of parking restrictions” sign just before it for some reason so if you see that and not the other one it’s very harsh on victims, almost a trap.

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