The Super League | FA: Official Inquiry + PL: New Charter & Fines + UEFA: Settlement

Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 98 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,870 95.0%

  • Total voters


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4 Nov 2010
Gary Neville is spot on about us. City do the right fucking thing and pull out right now

If the rumours are true that both City and Chelsea are wobbling on whether to break away, Neville will be all over it as he knows if one or both drop out and it’s dead. Obviously he wants to protect his job and livelihood which this would seriously jeopardise but as much as he is a smarmy little rat.. he’s a football man and loves the game. He seems proper narked with his own club and the dippers as let’s be honest, those and the Spanish Giants have the most to gain (or not lose) especially in the immediate term.

That is not saying we are not guilty.. as just being involved is totally unacceptable.


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2 Nov 2020
Team supported
Manchester city
Sorry if this has already been raised. I just read on the BBC that two high ranking UEFA officials are saying we will definitely be kicked out of this season’s Champions League, maybe even as early as the end of this week.

I hope our owners feel their decision was worth it. I cant imaging Pep and the players are too pleased.
I think pep could end up walking.


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19 Nov 2008
93:20 May 13th 2012
Spitty and Ratboy getting messages in their ear pieces...

Sky Statement was pretty shit too, It never mentioned two critical points:

Never mentioned that they will not show Super League games.

Never mentioned that they strongly oppose to it.


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9 Jul 2008
I get why the Spanish and Italian clubs want it as they’re financially fucked but try as I might I really don’t understand why any of the premier leagues are involved.

United, Liverpool and Arsenal are all scared of other owners that aren’t afraid to invest, Spurs are skint and desperate, City and Chelsea will be missing out on huge amounts of revenue if we don’t take up the chance to follow the rest. Every premier league club has a reason to sign up to it, but that’s still no excuse for them.

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