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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

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17 May 2007
I meant what if they stop work permits for players playing in esl and the premier league?
If they want to stop it, they will, or make it near impossible.

It will be legally challenged, it’s restraint of won’t counter this with stunts that can be circumvented.

UEFA, PL need a coherent, viable alternative that gives the 12 clubs pretty much what they want otherwise they will press ahead.

The ESL will happen, the only points open to debate are when, and what format will it eventually take.

I'm Blue

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24 Aug 2009
Do you know what, I don't care anymore ... VAR has ruined the beautiful game I once loved (I'm 52) and no matter which way this farce turns out its the final straw for me. CTID :,(
VAR can be gone, changed and improved.
This shit show on the other hand..


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1 May 2008
Lancashire Riviera
BBC news suggesting we are pulling out?

I was watering the garden and came into the living room and just caught out ground and badge, wife wasn't really listening, sigh?

Can't see anything on the website, are we thinking of pulling out?
Just a United YouTuber talking about Twitter rumours. Nothing concrete unfortunately. At least she admitted that United won’t with their American owners.
The drivers are clearly United and Liverpool and have persuaded big name, floundering financially clubs to grab a life jacket.
We’ve just seen Rangers, a Phoenix club who was put into the lowest League in Scotland claw its way back to win the Scottish title. Clubs like Barcelona would rather take football down with them than go bust.


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5 Oct 2009
There is no way some hillbilly inbred, Amish-looking twat Joel Glazer bullied Sheik Mansour into this. The Sheik makes and takes phone calls to world leaders as part of his day job. A failing Mall owner yahoo twat from deliveranceville couldn’t bully him if he tried.

I’m afraid in the absence of evidence to the contrary City actually voted for this of their own free will. Voted to be forever, contractually, subservient to United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Madrid, and Juve.

Think about that for a moment. We have spent 10 years fighting tooth and nail against the above clubs and we have managed to beat them soundly off the pitch and annihilate them on it and then we turn around and vote for - of our own free will - the opportunity to be their bitch and have our bitchness set in legal stone.

It is madness and I defy any City fan of sound mind to be anything other than dead set against it

It is utterly and completely , mind numbingly moronic.

And our owner and his henchmen actually voted for it.

I don’t care about united and Liverpool voting for it. We all expect it from them but this is City.

127 years gone. Forever. Just so we can cement our position of Glazer’s bitch and make ourselves - in perpetuity - a small, shit man united.
Just to add. We were probably 2 or 3 years away from overtaking United’s financial advantage over us - and doing so whilst nominally debt free as well - and just at the point of accelerating our growth exponentially we vote to curtail our growth relevant to our rivals and explode their financial advantages.

Absolutley ridiculous. If my dad was here now he would be describing our decision makers as being “numb as a piss stone”


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2 Jun 2009
Watching God's own team from "The Rock"
Team supported
Manchester City
Interesting perspective.

I must say, it’s a mark of the strange times we’re living through when City fans are using UEFA and ‘trusted’ in the same sentence.

As far as I can see, UEFA, Bayern, Dortmund and PSG have spent the last decade trying to cripple my club, so the last thing I’d call that option is ‘trusted’

And looking at their proposal for a revamped CL, clubs would still qualify based on ‘historic performance’, which reads like a closed shop to me. Liverpool can still finish 8th in the PL and get a place in the CL - which devalues the League just as much as the ESL!

The one significant difference is the number of clubs who can qualify - I accept that is far more favourable through the new CL. Although with the number of games, I still see that ultimately as an existential threat to the PL.

I guess it’s a case of ‘would you like me to chop off your left foot or your left hand’ - both are absolutely horrendous, but different people will view one as better than the other.

I’m just sick that these are the only two choices we have, and in my view both are morally reprehensible and a threat to the League - so I don’t see this ‘do the right thing’ argument as bearing any relation to reality!

There is no right thing here - just two wrongs!
Perhaps my choice of the word trusted was taken out of context.

I would suggest that the UEFA current format is trusted, tried and trusted by clubs who continue to try to achieve entry on an annual basis. UEFA itself on the other hand, along with FIFA, now that's different. One set of shysters against the new breed of proper villains, including the Glazers, Ole Turkeyneck and his FSG gangsters, and the utterly contemptible liar and manipulator Agnelli.

The lesser of two evils for me, get these ESL chancers back into their box and hope that it's not too late.

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