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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

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Lancet Fluke

Well-Known Member
5 Nov 2008
We were invited as the 6th english club to ensure the remaining PL clubs couldn’t get a 75% majority to vote us out.

Once this is up and running we will be cut loose and find ourselves without a league to play in, without a club anymore

We’re going to lose Pep over this. He is a proven man of honour.

Great work City. Great fucking work.
You okay there fella?


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23 Jan 2012
Valley of the Shadows
Has anyone else thought why none of the organisations that are against the ESL have not come out and categorically stated that all clubs involved will be banned - end off ?

Instead we have UEFA (who I put half the blame on in all of this) handing out a fucking olive branch to the clubs/owners involved - how the fuck is that going to work. There is no longer any working relationship after what has gone on, any reaquaintance with UEFA would be more toxic

Even FiFa didnt say anything of worth - what did he say - we disapprove ! fucking wow.

Its all veiled words, oooh we disapprove, your making a mistake, is wrong, its morally wrong etc etc etc. The list is endless

All organistaions categorically against not wanting this to happen should act accordingly. Even if they want the clubs involved to stew on it, then give the clubs a bloody deadline until 12noon friday. If they have decided not to back down then thats it, they are banned from europe with immediate effect

Even fucking Sky, who are constantly calling it out as bad for the game, earlier today read a statement out from Amazon about not having talks about the TV rights. And the sky presenter then went on to say Sky have said the same but threw in the word 'yet'


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18 Jan 2011
Team supported
Manchester City/Hibernian
So who is opposed to this harebrained scheme:

3. The Premier League.
4. The French teams including PSG.
5. The German teams including Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
6. The Italian teams bar Juventus and two cash strpped Milan teams.
7. The Spanish League including Tebas.
8. Pep Guardiola and apparently half the City squad.
9. Jurgen Klopp (I think?).
10. Saint Rashford and Jordan Henderson.
11. The UK Government and all political parties.
12. Amazon Prime.
13. Sky Sports (at least judging by their coverage).
14. The entire UK media.
15. 94.2% of Bluemoon subscibers.

And who is supporting it:

1. John Henry, the Glazer Family, Daniel Levy, Stan Kroenke, and Alisher Usmanov.
2. Florentino Perez, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín (son of the notorious Jesus Gil), and Joan Laporta.
3. Andrea Agnelli and some no hopers from Milan.
4. Roman Abramovich and presumably Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain.
5. 5.8% of Bluemoon subscribers.


Well-Known Member
26 Jul 2010
breaking into heaven.....
Unfortunately, I think you’re right. The silence is deafening.
The longer khaldoon keeps quiet the more I think he's going to drop the mother of all bombs pretty soon.
Imho I think there is something brewing from us, if we was 100% behind it there would be something.
It's almost like the CAS decision, everyone thinking the worst and then bang we're telling everyone we're innocent.
Do you really think we'd jump in to bed with them red cunts after the shite they've flung at us?

We're up to somert here, 100%.

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