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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 103 5.1%
  • No

    Votes: 1,904 94.9%

  • Total voters


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14 Dec 2019
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The longer khaldoon keeps quiet the more I think he's going to drop the mother of all bombs pretty soon.
Imho I think there is something brewing from us, if we was 100% behind it there would be something.
It's almost like the CAS decision, everyone thinking the worst and then bang we're telling everyone we're innocent.
Do you really think we'd jump in to bed with them red cunts after the shite they've flung at us?

We're up to somert here, 100%.

I very much admire your optimism.

Still, I'll never forget telling my son it was way too late when Dzeko scored to make any difference, so maybe I should be more optimistic.


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1 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
No, that was me commenting on the shite that's been said throughout the day.

I think City are run by a bunch of greedy opportunistic sharks who don't give a shit about anything but money like the other 11 clubs
Greedy, opportunist sharks.

The change in attitude towards our owners is staggering. Also very short minded.

sir baconface

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20 May 2012
Not in my lifetime.
Yes definitely thinking of pulling out because of 1 or more of the following reasons.

1. we had a gun to our head and were forced to sign up
2. we weren't given enough time to read the documents, panicked and signed anyway
3. we were unaware entering a competition that you don't need to qualify for and gatekeep others out of is actually anti-competitive
4. despite making the decision to not post the Super League statement on any of our social media outlets we were unaware that the backlash would be severe.

The hierarchy of our club are not greedy like the other 11 they just misunderstood the situation.
They don’t have a track record of being naive, incompetent or easily rolled over.


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5 Aug 2008
Sorry mate, i missed the sarcasm, bloody thread just keeps growing too fast to keep up haha
This thread will be the end of me. I had to walk away from here earlier when I saw some say 'Come on City be the good guys and walk away'.

The 'good guys' Christ!

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