The Title Race - 2023/24

How many points will be needed to win the league?

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As we were. A no movement weekend.
Au contraire!

Arsenal’s 6 goals were more than just 3 points, they were a record and they’re not going to bottle it this year!

And, who could ignore the fact that all 3 of Liverpool’s strikers scored against….err, Burnley…and none of them were called Mo! That’s worth waaay more than 3 points!

Plus, United came back, yet again, to win a game by 1 goal! Can’t you just feel the momentum shift that has created? It’s “seismic!”

Oh wait, looking at the table, it appears the gushing clickbait “journalists” might have made a mistake, unless the Premier League did so by only awarding them 3 pts!
City deservedly favourites and difficult to see them slip up given the strength and depth of their squad. KdB coming back has the flavour of a new signing. From my perspective, I think any chance we might have would depend upon our beating you at the Etihad which would appear unrealistic. We are also, as we saw last year with Saliba, more vulnerable if we suffer injuries to key players. I’m actually more confident however we can finish above Liverpool.
Personally i don't think Liverpool or Arsenal will fall away, it's going to go down to the wire.
If we don't win it then i prefer Arsenal over the fucking dippers

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