Tuesday 18th June - Fixture Release

I think it's about time we hit the ground running, then stretched the fuckers into oblivion. Can only remember one season 2018? where we did this?
I would love us to piss all over Arsenals 'invincibles' record.

With the amount of games we expect to play it's virtually impossible mind.
No one is doubting that we have a decent run in, but nobody can tell me that the February fixtures are not a stitch up by the PL, which coincides with the start of the CL.
The start of the CL that we are unlikely to be playing in as we'll finish top 8.

Hopefully? ;-)

Under the new format, teams will play eight matches in the new league phase (former group stage). They will no longer play three opponents twice – home and away – but will instead face fixtures against eight different teams, playing half of those matches at home and half of them away. To determine the eight different opponents, the teams will initially be ranked in four seeding pots. Each team will then be drawn to play two opponents from each of these pots, playing one match against a team from each pot at home, and one away.

This gives the opportunity for clubs to test themselves against a wider range of opponents and raises the prospect for fans of seeing the top teams go head to head more often and earlier in the competition. It will also result in more competitive matches for every club across the board.

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