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  1. Summerbuzz


    26 Jun 2012
    I finished Russian Doll last night. I did find the last episode anti-climactic. Bit of a shame as I thought it was really going interesting Sci-fi places (if anyone's read Ubik by Philip K dick), but it did end up a bit Groundhog Day / Sliding Doors.
    I thought the guy's character just wasn't that interesting and for some reason it didn't make sense that such an obsessive was drinking and making a mess with takeaways... I just didn't buy it. At the end it felt like he had just been there to serve her character arc.

    The thing with the mirrors was her mum smashing them, and what the therapist had said. I'm pretty sure the homeless guy mentioned them as well. Every time they reawoke, they found themselves looking in the mirror... until the last trip. It's a metaphor for self-obsession.

    It was the same thing with the empty flats, the homeless guy said they would do her no good, and all of a sudden they started disappearing.

    The more I think about it, the story was her realising she should have known the guy and been part of his life, rather than be the one who just hung around with strangers, got fucked up, hooked up with cunts, and took pot-shots at strangers rather than help someone she's seen a million times. Be less of a wise ass, I suppose. That's the therapists view anyway, all the attitude was a distraction from her feelings over her mum that were preventing her from making meaningful attachments.

    That's presumably why the fruit kept on decaying on the outside but stayed fresh on the inside. It was a symbol of her having a sweet and full of life person buried in there somewhere, even though on the outside she was selfish, rude and kind of abusive towards herself and others.

    Actually, I might change my interpretation of that. The one scene in the past is her mother stuffing the car with Melons. WHY?

    Think of the fruit as the fruits of relationships. Mom wants the biggest in the shop. She wants them all. She's not listening to the guy who says; you've got too many. She takes offence and then puts it on her daughter. 'Don't let anyone tear us apart'. It was nothing. But she guilted her daughter, and then blatently used her; 'Go and tell his boss'.

    There's a bit in The Little Prince where the Prince has to learn that the point of a flower is that you have to water it and nurture it. If you just try and pick it and have it for yourself, it's gone. Dead.

    Same thing with the fruit. Mom wanted the fruit of the relationship, and she wants them all. But she's buying them, and she's doing so without treating people well. She used her daughter to aim her flack at someone. No wonder the girl is so hard-boiled. She's been doing it since she was a kid.

    So the fruit we see elsewhere is the same thing. The daughter is starting to percieve it as 'the fruits of her relationships are dying'. But when she cuts them open, she can see they're still good. There is life in there.

    The mirrors disappear because both realised they needed to stop being so self-obsessed. He needed to stop trying to force his relationship, she needed to get involved in someone else's life to actually be someone and move forward from the past.

    The fish is the guy on his own. The other people disappear because they are, until that moment, clutter and distractions from the emptiness that haunts her.

    When they made that leap towards looking under the surface, all the stuff reappears and they see how much the other stuff means to them, but as the froth, the fruits of their love, things to keep cherishing. They are not THE thing tho, because they are just side-dishes, and without the main course, there is just the emptiness that both start to percieve and thus is reflected in their world that 'trip'.

    And if you look at it, both of them went on a trip. She smoked the J at the party. He smoked the drugs from the homeless guy.

    The bottom line is, they went to the same shop all the time. He knew the owner so well, the owner shut the shop to help him. She knew him so well, the cat had a second home there.

    But she was in a place where she'd take shallow fucks and give out attitude, rather than notice him at any point until then. And he'd not have let any chaos or attitude into his life.

    It all started to change when she remembered seeing the shop owner carry the guy in, and she asked about him, but didn't even know his name. The first time, she'd not even given it thought because she was going to hook up with the gingerbread man who... when the guy's girlfriend realised the truth, was going to get his ass handed to him and maybe move on himself.

    A bit disappointing for me, all that therapeutic journey emotional self-help crap. It was hoping some alien being had literally taken over her body.

    Still, I think I'd recommend it. Short and sweet compared to most series, some great characters, good dialogue and some interesting stuff going on.
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  2. CityInWashingtonState


    5 Aug 2017
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    Manchester City is my team - until I fucking die.
    LOL - is it legal to show this on TV?
  3. inchy14


    8 Jul 2009
    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    Watched the first 3, seems like they've just decided to take this piss this time for a laugh. I'll stick by it though.
  4. happyman


    13 Jan 2019
    on an atoll somewhere wearing a bikini blinking.
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    I have tried to watch a reality show about mining and another called Turbo Pickers this morning, they really are best avoided.
  5. hilts


    29 Oct 2008
    Yeah it's crap but once you've started
  6. Mayor West

    Mayor West

    16 Dec 2008
    Just finished luther season 3, so glad the secondary storyline is finished (I hope) almost stopped watching because of overly annoying characters
  7. adrianr


    21 Nov 2010
    Missus and I both loved it. Really fun endearing TV. And Gillian Anderson.
  8. TheRemainsOfTheDave


    16 Mar 2017
    I would say stick with it. Not brilliant - could have done with being a few episodes shorter in my opinion - but it's passable. Didn't realise it was a prequel to the first series until after I'd watched it.
  9. Barcon


    21 Nov 2009
    Toronto via Failsworth
    Ahh. Cheers, it seems a lot like the Forrest. French one that I watched recently.
  10. Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

    6 May 2009
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    You can’t of finished Gomorrah (:

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