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Hart of the Matter

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23 Jul 2011
I'm surprised you even gave such obvious bollocks the benefit of your doubt.Making a good series was clearly not their priority.
My wife is a Tudor nut so we watch all this stuff. I guess I have watched enough miscasting of ethnicity in Jesus roles to let this one have some room but it fell for all the traps and clichés.... Whatever their intention it has backfired badly

Kinkladze 1

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29 Apr 2015
might be a bit late to the party but just seen that Snowfall series 4 is available on iPlayer. Top programme.

Dirty Harry

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8 Oct 2008
I've paid my dues !
Season 3 has started.

This is a brilliant TV series that has gone under the radar.

If you liked breaking bad you'll love this.

Think of Mike in his younger years as an enforcer and you'll get the jist of the story.

The main character 'Ray' plays a brilliant role, The action starts from episode one, no boring intros and meaningless episodes to get accustomed to the characters.

From the off you are drawn into this series and it just gets better and better.
Started watching this on the strength of these recommendations, wasn't expecting much but it's a cracking little series so far (just started second) not surprised it's quite a few episodes longer than the first, they probably realised they'd hit on a very good programme.

Ray is a great and likeable character, and some good support too, it's pretty raw and no frills which for me is a part of the appeal too.


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