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Pure luck they did get him. The fact they disregarded him based on the geordie accent angle was just bonkers.
It was, good work by two plod who were on a routine patrol, however It was a Wearside accent, don’t call those lot Geordies, they hate it.

The bit at the end where they show Wearside Jack reading the narrative of his letter is brilliant. He couldn’t t have dreamed he’d ever get caught, DNA from his saliva on the letter did for him. He should have got life really for hampering the investigation, without all the man hours looking for him resources could have been better used and Sutcliffe may have been caught earlier.
Someone on here recommended Apple’s Tehran. I just bought a new iPhone and received 3 months subscription, watched the first 4 episodes of the first series (2 so far), excellent telly. Bit of an Iranian/Israeli Spooks.
Incredible TV, cannot understand anybody not liking this from series 1 to finish.

I've been putting off a couple of things I wanted to watch for a long, long time.

I've just finished The Americans, S1, loved it and can't wait to see where it goes next.

Also just finished Mr. Mercedes S1 and into S2, another quality production.
I've tried to watch the wire twice and never got past the first episode, just can't get my head around the lingo, a mate of mine who watches loads of stuff as I do says it's as gooda TV as you get hence trying it twice

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