UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

What do you think will be the outcome of the CAS hearing?

  • Two-year ban upheld

    Votes: 197 13.1%
  • Ban reduced to one year

    Votes: 422 28.2%
  • Ban overturned and City exonerated

    Votes: 815 54.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 65 4.3%

  • Total voters
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7 Jun 2012
Don’t confuse incompetence for corruption
I see enough incompetence in enough different games, ie the shoulder goal today, to know if it’s corruption then its a very complicated one, because I can’t work out who paying who for what. Probably isn’t a fan in the league that can’t point out some unfathomable decisions against them.


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14 Oct 2016
where does it state that in the rules or where was it quoted ?. Because I can't find it in the cas online documents.
Iirc, the para says "may" inform the parties etc. In complex or important cases, they will exercise that admitedly discretionary power for sure.


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19 Aug 2004
The point is “CAS has to show reservation or restraint in evaluating whether a sanction is appropriate; the measure of the sanction imposed by a disciplinary body in the exercise of the discretion allowed by the relevant rule can be reviewed only when the sanction is evidently and grossly disproportionate to the offence” https://jurisprudence.tas-cas.org/Shared Documents/3944.pdf

If City are found to have breached again after a settlement there is no realistic prospect CAS will interfere. Especially not for such serious allegations.
I don't know for sure but I think City settled the initial alleged breach without conceding guilt. Technically yes but evidentially, not so much. None of us know enough details, though, in terms of the gravity of the alleged offence and what penalties have been dished out to other clubs in the past. Plus, I seem to think City are saying the new rules were applied retrospectively.


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4 Feb 2010
Between zen and mad
If CAS rule against us then I’m fully willing to accept our guilt. All I ever asked for was a fair hearing, maybe next steps if CAS uphold the ban would maybe be to negotiate a reduction of the punishment with UEFA ?
I think if they win tomorrow they will go off into the sunset gloating,i don't see why they would negotiate with us,they will have done the bidding of the big clubs and tebas etc,looks like from our early statement that we would take it further if we lost
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