United (A) Post Match Thread

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23 Jul 2013
Why are they so shit?
They aren't. Obviously they've had a few shit results but 7th isn't exactly Norwich or Newcastle territory is it?
They were hilariously bad after Christmas (as were the dippers) but they still ended up comfortably in second place. They also reach a final and a semi-final.
The point is that every player they buy is world class and the missing piece to the jigsaw. Every new midfielder is the player to release Pigbag, CRap7 was going to score the goals to win them the title, they've signed enough new Duncan Edwards and new George Bests to fill a fucking jumbo jet. The press refuse to accept their favourite click-bait club isn't top dog any more and want regular managerial sackings to give them something to write about so "crisis" is being runners up several times in a few years. OK, they've been miles behind us on a couple of occasions (mind the gap) but still comfortably second.
They are probably the second most successful team in terms of PL points over the past ten seasons, and they've picked up a few cups.
So they aren't shit overall even though they have been in a few games. They are shit by their standards during the Pisscan era and that is all. I can't be arsed checking but I'd guess the the last 8 seasons are on a par with, or better than, Busby's time as manager.
Some want them to win a few games so the gnome stays put. I'd prefer them to keep losing and have people blaming the set up a the club and the Pisscan's interference. That's more likely to put off any decent managers.
But if they pick the next manager with the same success rate as some of their player signings then things could get even funnier.

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