United (H) - 3 Mar 2024

Been trying the site for days and just can't get the exchange tickets quick enough.
If anyone has 1 spare anywhere in the ground then let me know.
I buy tickets off this forum pal. So as long as I have my membership number then I can get tickets transferred via friends and family. I am a field engineer so my work shifts are all over the place and I can be anywhere in the world from one week to the next, so just look on here for tickets when I can make it. Fuck city charging 35 per season without the guarantee of tickets.
You can just whatsapp them anyway
My mates flight is currently delayed potentially cancelled so I may have one spare. Will know at 12.30 for certain.

Flight took off not available now. Any more pop up I will mention it here.
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Two tickets together still needed (one adult, one child but happy with two adult tickets as long as they're together)

What are the chances of being able to buy from outside the stadium before kick off?
2 for sale Joes bar
Can’t make the game due to some fucktard letting me down at work.
Email tickets
£160 the pair which is less than face value.
Bank transfer only

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