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sir baconface

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20 May 2012
Not in my lifetime.
He has seemingly had a pop at Utd to in an interview to. In short he said its great playing for France and at utd it is not all chocolates and roses. When it comes to international game time you can be 100% someone from camp Pogba either licks Madrids arse or slates Utd. If nothing else you would think his wages buy some diplomacy regarding the media so you are not causing hassle and pulling a big cloud over the club everytime you speak.

He seemingly aims to distance himself from the issues as if he is not a major part of them. If he had anything about him he would stop talking trash and fight for his place. You can't give it the big "i am" when Scott McTominay has taken your spot in the starting 11.

I just hope he stays with them to continue the circus utd currently are.
You’d think they would have weighed up his personality defects before inviting him for a second stint at the swamp.


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29 Jan 2010
Its Guinness time any day of the week.
I never watch this shower of shit except against us. What is it they do to get a penalty almost every game? Whatever it is, we should be doing it, especially while we're struggling to score legitimate goals.
Like you I have not seen a Rag game for years.No matter who the commentator is they go way way over the top with their heads so far up the arse of this club,I gave up.
Likewise now the Dippers.Can`t stomach watching them even with no sound.
Wish that we had received the same sort of positives from one and all connected to the media but alas apart from the wonderful Martin Samuel and locally we have Stuart Brennan,the rest are nothing but tosspots.
And breathe Oakie lad ...


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25 May 2010
Block 210
Was watching their game on Tuesday and a fly kept landing on the TV screen.
The wife belts it with a T-towel,Rashford fell over and the ref gives a penalty.......bizarre.
Just waiting on a fine coming through the post for the T-towels yellow card.

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