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6 May 2013
BBC headline: The remarkable rise of of Man United’s Fernandes... FFS he isn’t even that good.
I prefer this one.

It felt like an impossible job to fill the gap left by Fernandes when he joined Manchester United in January 2020 for an initial £47m. Much sooner than expected, however, the Lisbon club seem to have struck gold again with the summer signing of Pedro Goncalves, a 22-year-old attacking midfielder who had an unsuccessful spell at Wolves but already looks a steal at £5.6m.


In the first half of the current season 'Pote', as he's also known, contributed 14 goals and two assists in 15 league appearances, a slightly better record than his predecessor, who had eight goals and seven assists in 16 matches at the halfway stage of the 2019-20 campaign.

Unlike Fernandes, though, all of Goncalves' goals have come from open play.


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26 Apr 2010
How can there be people still spouting this shite about being bankrolled?

The majority of our squad has been bought during these years:

View attachment 11689
(only Agüero, Fernandinho and Foden were on the books before 2014-15)

TV revenue alone would have paid for our signings each season.

We had a net transfer spend of:
£65.05m in 2014-15
£126.68m in 2015-16
£161.69m in 2016-17
£203.54m in 2017-18
£18.89m in 2018-19

And for last year, our revenue was £474.35m with a net transfer expenditure of £79.67m.

United have had a transfer expenditure of £1.084bn (Net= £745.98m) since Ferguson left them and they haven’t won or even challenged for the title once, while City Chelsea Leicester and even Liverpool have won titles and even Spurs have challenged for one.

That’s more soulless and hollow than what we’re doing! We’re actually doing something with the money we earn, they’re doing fuck all. They’ve not won a trophy for nearly 4 years. They’re having a soulless and hollow existence of winning fuck all.

I’d go and get a banner made but I’m not a sad ****!
Excellent research..

However, if I may, I take issue with you regarding your assertion that 'they are doing f-all' with the money that the financial behemoth that is Manchester United generates year upon year?

They are doing plenty with that moolah. Why, they are the very model of financial safeguarding and probity, given that they send so much of it to the warmer climes of Bermuda each and every year! And not forgetting, of course, the additional visits they personally arrange to New York's financial district; those educative spells spent on Wall Street are solely to encourage those ackers to develop into upright, well-rounded resources for the future. And all simply to ensure the benefits will be applied to United's squad, with the sole aim of developing it's performance to even higher levels than those stellar ones being achieved right now.

They look after and care for their money. We certainly could learn from The Glazers and doing things the famous 'United Way'.. we certainly could..


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7 Jan 2009
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Can somebody explain what a 'Soulless & hollow club' is?
Because I prefer it to being shit!

They are a great team with a great coach but their club is souless and hollow. Anyone can succeed with a Sheikh bankrolling them. It's like playing video games with cheat codes. Where's the achievement?
Its like someone, somewhere used the phrase "cheat codes" recently...now EVERYONE has read that post and just regurgitating the same old shite


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9 Jul 2008
I think we've found action man

Fatty Howson, got to be.

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