United Thread - 2021/22


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10 Aug 2010
I’ve taken to just keeping quiet about the rags to rags fans. It’s obvious they’re shite so no need to even say anything.

Tonight one messaged me with the main brunt of his conversation about how they managed to beat Palace and we didn’t.

This is literally all they have.

Oh and the MUEN leading with this beauty….

Rofl, they truly are becoming the new Arsenal. Not the Invincibles Arsenal, the more recent banter-era Arsenal, when they tried to convince us Ozil is miles better than Silva.


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26 Jul 2021
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There was absolutely zero evidence on display yesterday to suggest they played like us.

Kick and rush football, however Neil Ashton had briefed the press that no matter what Utd played great
Was it Moyes or Van Gaal who said United should aspire to be like City? Their fans were in an uproar, then. I didn't watch their game against Crystal Palace, but there is a lot of talk of their 4 2 2 2 formation, which was Pellegrini's calling card. With the players Pellegrini inherited with the additions of Negredo and Navas, it was breathtaking, for a half of a season. They are celebrating that they are in the process of copying the City's game six or seven years ago.

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