United Thread - 2023/24

the entitlement is absolutely endemic across the board in that club, the mantra of but this is manchester united keeps being preached by the rag media, by neville, by the fans, its all you ever here, well okay, you're manchester united, the question is so fucking what, it doesnt give you anymore right than anyone else to win, it doesnt mean anything apart from a useless mantra chanted by idiots , its the football equivalent of do you know who i am said by fading celebrities to hark back to a time when they once were something buy the world has moved on and moved past them and we laugh at them trying to cling to their outdated, fading notoriety and the rags deserve exactly the same treatment.
They are the Ronnie Pickering of football.
"We don't want to be like other teams who change managers every couple of years"

They've had 6 managers in the last 10 years!!!

Guess maths isn't his strong point. Neither is English by the sound of him
Stuck in the 90s

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